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Thrill Pack with MONZA Karting

Get your "Adrenaline Rush On"

Quick Details

Per person (weekday rate)

Adrenaline Rush With Zipline & Gokart

Get your “adrenaline rush on” with this package deal. Fly and Ride with HighFlyer and Monza Karting and save a bit on money in the process.

This reservation sets a date and time with HighFlyer. Once booked, you will receive a unique booking number in your email confirmation, this will be used to reference payment to Monza. You can set a reservation with Monza, by calling 860.396.7223. Please be advised youth karts (10-15 age) do not drive on the same track as adult karts (16+). This means if you are purchasing for both adults and youth, you will drive in separate races with Monza.

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